by Sean Hollick
Lonesome, deep in thought
sounds in my mind, trying to get out
pressure building, insane laughter, making me shout
thoughts sizzling, glistening, creating incredible pain.

Grasping phrases, remembering words skillfully taught
sadness, despair, mortality
suffering, in the dark realization of reality
consuming madness, blinding rage, abandoned reign.

Decency discontinued, lost in barbaric lust
crippled pleasure, self inflicted emotional torture, nerves brutally struck
hideous rhapsody, diverted intellectual cerebration gone amuck
impossible to discern between darkness and light.

Creating individual concepts, cast out of sight
hiding from humanities self promotional ambition
brilliance peaking, exploding, beyond recognition
heated genius approching the edge, tremendously difficult to trust.


Copyright © 1988 - 2018

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