by Sean Hollick
Dizzily beholden to predetermined behavior
supple, narcotic, disassociation with normality
amputated biological bigotry, extending rebellious, revokable favor.

Quaint cannibalistic tangents, quivering charismatic brutality
wanton estrangement, careless abuse, an unreliable source
paradoxical whims, idiotic ideology, an ill conceived formality.

Paragon diminished, vacant visualization, suggesting a vindictive course
explosive comprehension, interchangeable components not expected to last
intellectualism intensified, beyond humanistic capability, reason or force.

Tangible compensation, results of covert activities, lost to the past
repetitive suspicion, final decisions, concerning life and death
illusive predators, waiting hypnotically, for the slightest, weakened forecast
imaginary deception, particular paranoia, gasping eagerly for breath
simple callousness, prone to the ultimate, ever present sacrifice, death.


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