by Sean Hollick
Tossed into a spinning world, trying desperately to land on my feet
difficulties at every turn, how shallI ever compete
maybe I'd have done better, in another time or place
deception in abundance, daily rejection so hard to face.

Communication unestablished, awkward appearances made
fighting for a chance to learn, wishing for skills to trade
clawing, scrapping, creating quite a commotion
begging to show tendencies of self promotion.

Slowly advancing, gaining ground, assuming the proper stance
dispelling thoughts of sickening times, emerging from a confining trance
searching dep within, looking in shadows, craving a sweet taste
awareness, describable only in contrast to the inevitable waste.

Finally as changes approach, dilemmas fade, hope is seen
success sways, swallows itself, confused, pondering what it could mean
collapsing on the edge, plummeting, spiraling away, torn apart
withering dreams, spoiled again, humbly picking the pieces up, collecting them for a fresh start.


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