by Sean Hollick
Spoiled hopes, unattainable dreams
lost passion in societies blurring eye
brandishing desires, opinions left to die
feelings rejected, increasing pressure bursting fragile seams.

Pain eclipsing sorrow, loneliness, unavoidable emotional rot
continual inconsideration, irrepressible fatigue
lies powerfully thought out, rampant failure in every league
clandestine pleas beneath the surface, impossible to spot.

Deteriorating rationalization, indistinguishable worth
tormented, frightened, far from pleasant
darkness, coldness lingering, cast aside like a peasant
wondering, searching for an identity, lost since birth.

Struggling to forget unspeakable pain
hollow senses, unbelievable emptiness never to be filled
courage forgotten, compassion lost, savagely killed
surrendering life, as tears wash away in the rain.


Copyright © 1988 - 2018

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