by Sean Hollick
Singled calm, suffering endlessly, without the slightest encouragement
unable to experience the joys of happiness or social activity
regulated environments, sterile, fixed, self contained
powerless in an inescapable habitat, lost thoughts, hard to recall.

Forgotten unions, folded memories, cultivated security
responses predictable, practiced, conditioned, continual circumstances
requests unchallenged, individuality compromised, biased concerns
increased conformity, awareness bending, decisions consistent, unimaginative.

Sequence confused in scroupulous monotony, afterthoughts realized
much after the fact, rejected search for compassion, hope
rehearsed longevity, relaxed reserve, previous proposals
oblivious conception, mute knowledge, conveying insight, ignored.

Willingness void, voiceless utterances, rarely acknowledged
burdened by countless others, unable to distinguish, ill-bred
insincere contemporaries, treacherous, cunning, self-serving
traveling throughout the realms of reasonable language.

Careless sacrifice of character, dignity, personal development
vague deterioration of balance, mechanical observations deduced
marginal emotions, irritated by unimaginable loneliness
senses inverted, lost to the dull lack ofspontaneous intervention.


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